Literature Done in English

The study of English literature has numerous benefits. When studying poetry, students learn about syllables, sounds, and how to choose between words that have similar meanings yet differ in nuance. Taking a glance at prose gives students a look at what some great historical authors had to say and how the way these authors expressed themselves lent significance to their messages.

This short textbook was first written in December, 2015, for a two-month segment of a tenth grade ESL class in Japan. Our students are planning to study abroad their 11th grade year, and in preparation for English class while abroad we study a little bit before they go. Two months is a short time for such a vast field. Yet, if our students develop some appreciation for English literature, it will surely be a benefit to them. Hemingway once wrote, “There are many kinds of stories in this book. I hope that you will find some that you like.”

An updated version was released on March 4, 2018. Check out the PDF and ODT. If those look suitable, the entire set of files is on


This book is freely licensed in the hope that other teachers will, if they like what they find, use it, share it, and build upon it. In turn, students benefit by using the improved materials.

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