Science Done in English

A good way to learn to do science in English is to do science in English. When students are doing things, they are engaged, and that is when learning occurs. This book has three parts: biology, physics, and earth science. I have tried to select topics that don’t require any specific background knowledge. The pieces are independent. Take whatever looks best for you and forget about the rest.

I wrote this book for a tenth grade English class in Japan. My students are planning to study abroad. Many of them will attend classes in English that make use of technical terms they’ve never seen. This book, and the accompanying course, are part of an attempt to ease this transition. The first edition was finished in the summer of 2015.

An updated version of this book was released on December 8, 2017. Here are the PDF and ODT. The extended materials, including tests, quizzes, listening tracks, and other stuff a teacher would want to use, are on


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