Verb Cards

I created three sets of verb cards for junior high school students to use.  Each card has a cartoon of an action on the front, and the back has the verb in four different forms: present, present participle, past, and past participle.


Take the above picture. It is on the front of a card, and the back of the card reads:


There are three sets of twenty cards each. All of the images were created by 3dman_eu on Pixabay, a Public Domain clipart site. The raw images I used are on  These flashcards are A3 size, which is suitable for a classroom with 30 students, but you can resize them as desired.

Here are the card sets.

Set A Set B Set C
1. jump 1. paint 1. climb
2. dance 2. study 2. carry
3. pull 3. exercise 3. shop
4. push 4. clean 4. wave
5. sing 5. throw 5. fish
6. sit 6. bow 6. sell
7. listen 7. fall 7. surf
8. play golf 8. play chess 8. drive a jeep
9. read a book 9. read 9. talk
10. kick 10. catch 10. hunt
11. play the piano 11. take a picture 11. hold
12. use a computer 12. drive a car 12. shoot a gun
13. look 13. brush teeth 13. dig
14. watch TV 14. teach 14. shake hands
15. run 15. open 15. ride a horse
16. swim 16. dive 16. skateboard
17. walk 17. swing 17. have a party
18. eat popcorn 18. stretch 18. speak
19. ride a bike 19. fight 19. walk the dog
20. sleep 20. play the guitar 20. put on
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