Alphabet Cards

In seventh grade English, we review the alphabet. Students in Japan studied the ABCs in the third grade of elementary school, but they may have forgotten, and writing practice is typically desirable.

Here are three A4-size flashcard sets.

The default font is TeX Gyre Adventor and the fallback is Century Gothic. The former is commonly available on Linux machines, and the latter is part of the default Windows install. For students learning to write the alphabet, choosing a font that mirrors the way they write is important. Most computer fonts display the lowercase “a” differently from the way we write, and serif fonts attach small lines to the end of strokes, so all of these fonts are poor choices. For the teacher’s convenience, we want to use fonts that are available by default on various operating systems, and that is why I use the fonts mentioned above. You might also want to use Comic Sans MS, but because some of the letters are slanted, it doesn’t provide a great example for students to copy.


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