There’s a foreign language type of activity or game called lies, where the teacher says a sentence that’s false, and students change it into a true one.  You can do the activity where students speak alone or in pairs, and you can adjust the sentences to fit a target topic or grammar point.  Thinking of false sentences on the fly is difficult, so here is a list for classroom use.

Simple Colors 1 Simple Colors 2
1. Bananas are blue. 31. Rice is blue.
2. Apples are purple. 32. Corn is black.
3. Grapes are white. 33. Snow is orange.
4. Carrots are pink. 34. Lettuce is green.
5. Rabbits are green. 35. Butter is pink.
6. Elephants are yellow. 36. Apple juice is purple.
7. Zebras are red. 37. Fire is gray.
8. Oranges are brown. 38. The moon is red.
9. Lemons are silver. 39. The sun is white.
10. CDs are yellow. 40. The sea is blue.
Simple Verbs Eating & Drinking
11. Fish walk. 41. Babies drink wine.
12. Babies talk. 42. Cows eat sushi.
13. Horses skate. 43. Rabbits eat cheese.
14. Frogs cook. 44. Mice eat fish.
15. Snakes sing. 45. Horses drink orange juice.
16. Cats fly. 46. Monkeys eat pizza.
17. Boys and girls drive. 47. Bears eat cheese.
18. Birds read. 48. Lions eat meat.
19. Koalas work. 49. Giraffes eat chicken.
20. Airplanes swim. 50. Dogs eat cat food.
Simple Adjectives Animal Sounds
21. Elephants are small. 51. Cats say “bow wow”.
22. Cheetahs are slow. 52. Dogs say “hiss”.
23. Clouds are purple. 53. Chickens say “moo”.
24. Trains are short. 54. Ducks say “oink”.
25. Oranges are pink. 55. Cows say “meow”.
26. Turtles are fast. 56. Snakes say “quack quack”.
27. Baths are cold. 57. Pigs say “cluck cluck”.
28. Beetles are big. 58. Frogs say “neigh”.
29. Lettuce is black. 59. Sheep say “ribbit ribbit”.
30. Bats are large. 60. Horses say “baah”.

An exchange might go as follows…

Teacher: Frogs are blue.
Student 1: No, frogs are green.
Teacher: Very nice.  Anyone else?
Student 2: No, dolphins are blue.
Teacher: That’s true.

This game is a good chance to reinforce the notion of multiple acceptable answers. In the above example, students can fix the sentence by changing frogs, blue, or even are.

Grab the ODT or PDF for a 2-page list of useful lies.


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