Frog Actions Boards

There are some wonderful pictures of frogs doing various things created by Alexas Fotos on Pixabay that make good practice for present continuous sentences. I put some of these together to create two Bingo boards, each with twelve pictures.

  • Frog Actions Board A: ODT & PDF.
  • Frog Actions Board B: ODT & PDF.
  • Frog Actions List: ODT & PDF.

For a listening activity, make pairs, give each pair a board, and give each student Bingo chips such that each pair has two different colors. The teacher says a sentence describing one picture, and students race to put their Bingo chip on that square. Both students can put the chip on the space, but the person who got there first should have theirs on the bottom.

For a speaking activity, everyone in the class stands up. The teacher says a letter, and students say a sentence describing that picture in order to sit down. For many cards there are multiple acceptable answers, so accept them.


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